Alpha 2 Combo Videos

My collection of all the combo movies i made for this game.
All the combos featured in the videos are highly impractical and technical in a very stylish fashion. My goal with this vids is to push Alpha 2 and Zero 2 Alpha combo engines to their limits and expose the complexity and deepness of this game that still being nowadays the most rich and obscure Street Fighter game in combo terms.
Glitches plays a highly important role in the advanced combo exploration of the game, so what you will mostly see in the vids can’t be done under normal gameplay situations, also Perfect Pixel Positioning and ridiculous 1 Frame Links are present in dozen different ways through the combos.
Most of this combos were done with Tool Assitance, using Rerecording Emulation Scripts and saves states to quit Manual Execution Limits from the equation and let the ideas be the main star in the video.
This project still being incomplete, more volumes will come in the near future, and i’m currently working hard on them.
Click on the Thumbnails to go to the Video pages and Transcripts.

SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko Vol #01                                            SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko Vol #02
SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko Vol #03                                           SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko & Izumojin Vol #04         sfz2
SFA2 Combo Movie Final -Leftovers-

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