Other A2 Videos

Some unnasorted and random Street Fighter Alpha 2 Combo/Gameplay/Glitch Videos.
The only “full” video project here is the A2 Alpha Counter Reversal video, the rest are just very short clips showing a glitch in the works, Random findings or some interesting gameplay stuff you should know.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 – AC Reversals Video

- List of Unnasorted Alpha 2 Videos:
- SFZ2 Basics: Throw Juggles.
- SFZ2 Guy Bushin Gorai Kyaku Trade “Glitch”.
- SFZ2 Chun-Li Kikouken Bug.
- SFZ2 Dhalsim Recovery Teleport Glitch.
- SFZ2 Dhalsim Tech Roll Glitch.
- SFZ2 Sakura Double Jumping Attacks (PSX).
- SFZ2 Birdie Counter Damage.
- SFZ2A Guy Kara Bushin Musou Renge.

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