SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko VOL #02

Music Used: S.S.H – Maximum Speed.
Release Date: 18/07/2011.
Description: SFA2 and SFZ2A Combo & Glitch.
This is a primary Tool Assisted Combo Video, no hacks, cheats or any game alterings devices were used for the making of this combos.

– Transcript:

01 – (Gouki vs Dhalsim):
Sim Yoga Slam Glitch was used. This glitch also puts our character into an “airborne” state; that’s why the CC’s activation occurs in the air even though I buffered it from a standing jab.
02 – (Ryu vs Rolento):
1 Frame Custom Combo + Kara Air Short Tatsumaki from a Flipkick (->+Forward).
03 – (Guy vs Rolento):
Standard High Knockdown Combo.
04 – (Adon vs Gouki):
Glitched High Knockdown Juggle combo.
05 – (Rose vs Dictator):
Jab Psycho Ball xx Fierce Devil’s Reverse during CC to set-up the Rose Super Combo Trade.
06 – (Birdie vs Dhalsim):
Glitched High Knockdown + Sim’s Glitch during ground recovery.
07 – (Guy vs Rolento):
Infamous Zero Koubou Grenade Set-Up to trade with Guy’s Bushin Combo.
08 – (Ken vs Dhalsim):
Jab Yoga Fire xx Yoga Teleport to set up that weird Fierce Shoryu xx Shinryuuken Juggle.
09 – (Dhalsim vs Rolento):
Another Grenade trade set-up, Normal Speed is a Must. The grenade must be delayed as much as possible to come out.
10 – (Sodom vs Ryu):
Gliched High Knockdown Juggle Combo.
11 – (Rose vs Zangief):
Ground Recovery backward combo using Rose’s Soul Illusion shadows. Powered-Up Soul Illusion Glitch was used to gain Damage Boost and Juggle Properties.
12 – (Dhalsim vs Birdie):
A modified, classic, fancy TZW Sim set-up.
13 – (Sodom vs Dhalsim):
Face-wrong-direction glitch was used to perform the backwards Jab Jigoku Scrape.
14 – (Chun-Li vs Dhalsim):
Glitched High Knockdown Juggle combo. The Roundhouse Upkicks must hit Sim as soon as possible to get 2 Hits in order to continue the Juggle with the second Jab Kikoushou.
15 – (Ken vs Rolento):
Backward combo glitch. Normal Speed only.
16 – (Gouki vs Rose):
Glitched High Knockdown fancy set-up and combo (Must trade with Short Soul Spiral only) and some Kara air Short Tatsumaki from a Flipkick (->+Forward).
17 – (Shin Gouki vs Rolento):
Meaty Double air fireball + Kara Air Short Tatsumaki = Dead.

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