SFA2 Stage Lag

One of the most annoying things for performing combos is Stage Lag, and it’s something to keep in mind when trying to record combo footage for Zero 2, especially if we’re planning to use a CC in the combo, we have to know which stages have this disadvange and try to avoid them if we can.
Why? Well, first of all, the execution and timing change drastically, second and most important, if we want to produce a “Decent” and well presented Combo Movie, it doesn’t look good at all to watch a combo in “slow motion”.
In Zero 2, some Stages may cause a lot of Lag during Supers and especially during Custom Combos; here I’ve listed some of the laggiest stages:

– Birdie Stage:

This one is the most problematic of all the stages in Z2, the lag in Custom Combos is huge, so don’t record CC involved combos in this stage, they look horrible.
Sometimes however, despite of the incredible amount of lag, it can be useful when trying to perform some combos with tight timing – for example Birdie’s Final x5.

– Rolento Stage:

Just like the Birdie Stage, this one has a lot of lag in CCs and some Super Combos.

– Dan Stage:

This one could be called an “intermediate lag stage”, you will notice it mostly when performing CCs.

– Sodom Stage & Chun-Li Stage:

You can notice a little bit of lag in these ones, but it doesn’t interfere with the action or the timing of the combos, so they’re more than acceptable.
The best stages for combo recording are the ones with not so much stuff going on in the background, like Ryu’s Stage, Gen’s Stage, Sakura’s Stage, Sagat’s Stage, etc.

I know it’s not a very deep or technical article, but it may serve as an advice if you’re planning to record combo footage for the game to keep it the most clean as possible.

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