Extra – Rose Punch AC Combo Options.

Music Used: Yuki Iwai – Scala (Rose Theme from SFA3).
Release Date: 10/01/2011.

Brief Explanation:
Her Punch AC is well know for being one of the best (if not the best) in the entire game, it gives you a free combo chance, switching positions for avoiding the corner, etc. In this tutorial i will show you some basic combos you can do after it, S.C and Soul Illusion set-ups, and some advanced stuff as well, playing with her AC+SI+CC, you should consider her obvius distance limitations as well.
As sidenotes, Rolento can block Rose’s Crouching & Standing Strong and Jabs, his sprite have some strange behavior even in the corner, you should use C.Forward to confirm the combo.
Chun-Li little sprite can be a serius problem to deal sometimes, she can block all Rose’s Soul Spiral combos.
You can Use S.Fierce in combos on Big characters in any part of the screen.
C.Fierce works only vs. Sodom, Birdie and Dictator in the corner only.
Level 2 Aura Soul Spark is safe in any part of the screen and works on the entire cast with no restrictions.
Soul Illusion Jump loops works only vs. Sagat and Rolento.

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