SFA1 M.Bison Combos

Name: Street Fighter Alpha – M.Bison Stuff #01.
Release Date: 30/10/2011.

1 Set-up, 4 different results:
LP Pyscho Shot, Gouki jumps backwards when it’s about to hit him, LP Psycho Shot, HP Devil Reverse, land and both characters have to walk a bit, then Gouki do his Backwards Teleport, M.Bison diagonal jumps with Roundhouse (Hits twice at the same time than the first LP Psycho Shot), C.Strong (The second Psycho Shot Hits), C.Strong xx Roundhouse Scissor Knee (Dizzy).
The other 3 combos are the same set-up with sightly different variations like different super endings to see the damage difference.
Note: In the first revision of SFA, M.Bison can have multiple fireballs on screen (up to four Psycho Shots on screen), that’s why this set up can be done. In the newer updates of SFA (sfzjr1 and sfzjr2) this combo doesnt works anymore.

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