SFA1 Sodom Combos

Name: Street Fighter Alpha – Sodom Stuff #01.
Release Date: 12/02/2011.

Some examples of how the Sodom OTG Throw Glitch works.
Of course, this works with the Tengu Walk glitch only, the fun thing about it is that in the SFA Upgrades (SFZjr1, SFZjr2 Rom parents) this doesn’t work anymore.
In the video I show how to set it up after Sodom’s 360+P, 720+P and his HP Jigoku Scrape, you can also grab the enemy after his HK Sweep, but you have to be very, very close.
I also tried to grab Sodom after his 360+K but it doesn’t seems to work, sadly.
This glitch is just for fun, it doesn’t have any relevant use in the actual game because you have to guess if your enemy is going to use TW after a knockdown and the timing and spacing could be very strict and tricky.

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