SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko Vol #01

Music Used: Stratovarius – Stratosphere.
Release Date: 08/03/2011.
Description: SFA2 and SFZ2A Combo & Glitch.
This is a primary Tool Assisted Combo Video, no hacks, cheats or any game alterings devices were used for the making of this combos.

– Transcript:
01 – Sagat vs. Chun-Li:
Standing Tiger Knee at a certain distance doesn’t cause a knockdown, giving us the chance to do them repeatedly until our CC gauge runs out. At the end of the combo the LP Tiger Uppercut causes a High Knockdown state on Chun-Li (without glitches) so we can add another HP Tiger Uppercut to continue the Juggle in the corner.
– Dhalsim vs. Charlie:
Sim’s CC LP Yoga Fire, Yoga Teleport trade set-up.
For some reason, the game doesn’t recognize me the inputs for charge moves when sim’s crossup the character…so I had to use the Easy Mode version of Somersault Justice to trade off with YF and continue the combo.
– Chun-Li vs. Zangief:
Backwards Alpha Counter.
This only works with characters who have an AC that doesn’t cause knockdown (Chun & Gen for example). Gief crosses up Chun with his body splash, Chun does her Punch AC, Gief lands and does S.Short to allow the backwards hit and we can continue the combo with anything we like.
– Guy vs. Dhalsim:
Sim’s Yoga Slam Glitch, when it’s activated our character is considered Airborne for some reason and we can cancel our standing normals with the Air CC activation.
I’m gonna make an in-depth write up about this bug later.
– Ken vs. Sakura:
Ken juggles Sak using the extended High Knock Down Glitch also known as “Glitch Mode”.
In-depth write up later.
– Rose vs. Dan:
Rose juggles Dan with her Soul Illusion Glitch; also, the ground Forward slide cross-up needs to be done through this glitch.
– Akuma vs. Rolento:
Rolento’s Delta knife trades with Akuma’s LVL.1 Gou Hadouken Super, then Akuma activates CC and does PPP Teleports to the corner, and finally performs a Kick Throw on Rolento…the Gou Hadou Super Juggles him.
– M-Bison vs. Ryu:
LVL.2 Custom Combo Juggle after LVL.1 Psycho Crusher.
Done with Extended High Knockdown Glitch.
– Ken vs. Dhalsim:
Sim’s CC LP Yoga Flame x2, PPP Teleport to corner, Ken blocks and does a Kick AC to the first fireball, the second one trades on the Alpha Counter animation, giving us some frames to continue the combo in the corner.
– Ryu vs. Chun-Li:
Ryu’s CC Fireball Madness in the corner; ends the combo with MK Flip Kick and Juggles with J.Strong.
– Sakura vs. Birdie:
LVL.1 Midare Sakura whiffs on the last hit and we can juggle Birdie with a LVL.2 Custom Combo. Done via Extended HKD Glitch.
– Rose vs. Sagat:
Rose MP Reflects Sagat’s LP Tiger Shot and HK Tiger Shot, then CC Soul Sparks him to death.
Done with Powered Soul Spark Glitch.
– Akuma vs. Rolento:
Akuma LVL.2 Gou Hadou trades with a Backward Rolento taunt.
Done with the Face Wrong Direction glitch, in-depth write up coming later.
– Guy vs. Chun-Li:
Guy’s LVL.3 Kick super causes huge hitstun on trade.
– Ryu vs. Dan:
Glitched Dan flies to the corner while Ryu performs his LVL.1 Hadou Super, then an Air CC and Air Tatsumaki, lands, does a MK Flip Kick (Shinkuu hadouken hits 2 times), finishes with MP Overhead.

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