Extra – Sakura Conditional Combos.

Music Used: Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Sakura Theme.
Release Date: 11/07/2011.

– Transcript:
01- (Sakura vs. Sagat) -> Normal Speed.
Jumping Crossup Forward (Sagat have to input C.Fierce to force Crossup in the corner), C.Shortx6, S.Short xx Fierce Shou Oh Ken (14 Hits).
02 – (Sakura vs. Birdie): -> Normal Speed.
Deep J.Fierce, C.Short. S.Jab, C.Short, S.Jab, S.Fierce xx LVL.3 Shinkuu Hadouken. (A great example of what i call a Screen position and spacing Link combo).
03 – (Sakura vs. Rolento): -> Normal Speed.
Crossup Froward (Rolento inputs C.Fierce at the first frame when Sakura’s J.Forward becomes a crossup), C.Shortx7 xx Haru Ichiban LVL.3

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