SFZ2 Throw Juggles

Music Used: Batman: Return Of The Joker (NES)- Boss Battle Theme.
Release Date:14/05/2010.


01 – (Guy vs. Sakura):
Kick Throw xx Bushin Hasso Ken Level 3.
02 – (Sodom vs. Birdie):
Kick Throw xx Meido No Miyage Level 1.
03 – ( Dan vs. Gen):
HP Throw xx Kouryurekka Level 3.
04 – ( Dan vs. Rose):
HP Throw xx Shinkuu Gadouken Level 1.
05 – ( Gen vs. Chun-Li):
Punch Throw xx Jya Ko Ha Level 3.
06 – ( Gen vs. M.Bison):
Kick Throw (Tech Hit) xx Jya Ko Ha Level 3.
07 – ( Zangief vs Sodom):
DF+Puch Throw xx Aerial Russian Slam Level 3.
08 – ( Zangief vs. M.Bison):
HK Throw xx Aerial Russian Slam Level 3.
09 – ( Guy vs. Ryu):
Bushin Inazuna Otoshi xx Bushin Hasso Ken Level 3.
10 – ( Gouki vs Zangief):
Hyaku Ki Go Zan (P.Throw) xx Tenma Go Zankuu Level 3.

Notes: Guy’s Kick Throw and Bushin Inazuma Throw can be followed with a Bushin Sempu Kyaku.
Gen’s Kick Throw Slams the opponent into the ground, but if P2 performs a Tech Throw, we can still catch him while he’s recovering in the air with his Jya Ko Ha S.C.
Zangief’s Throws -> Aerial Russian Slam can only be done in Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.
Gouki’s Hyaku Ki Go Zan P.Throw -> Tenma Go Zankuu can be done vs.Zangief.

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