SFA1 Adon Combos

Name: Street Fighter Alpha – Adon Stuff #01.
Release Date: 24/09/2011.

01 – Adon vs. Birdie:
Kick Alpha counter to Birdie’s J.Roundhouse juggle with another Short Rising Jaguar. (Birdie AC Glitch)
02 – Adon vs. Sodom:
Jumping crossup Forward, Crouching Jab x4 (linked) Standing Strong xx LVL.3 Jaguar Varied Assault. (Crouching Sodom only combo).
03 – Adon vs Birdie:
Meaty Short Jaguar Kick, Crouching Short xx Short Rising Jaguar, juggle with another Short Rising Jaguar (Distance dependant, works on other characters).

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