Dhalsim Custom Combos

Music Used: Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version – Pillars of the Underworld.
Release Date: 22/12/2009.

– Transcript:

All Combos can be started whit a jumping normal.

Level 1 Custom Combos:

01 – (Dhalsim vs Rose):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]
02 – (Dhalsim vs M.Bison):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Flamex2, Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]
03 – (Dhalsim vs Sakura):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Firex3, Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]

Level 3 Custom Combos:

04 – (Dhalsim vs Sagat):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx4, C.Roundhouse (whiffs), Yoga Blastx2. [CC Ends]
05 – (Dhalsim vs Charlie):
[CC Starts] C.Short, Yoga Firex9, C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]
06 – (Dhalsim vs Sakura):
[CC Starts] LP Yoga Firex11, Yoga Teleport. [CC Ends] DB+Strong, S.Fierce(1 Hit)xxYoga Flame.
07 – ( Dhalsim vs Gen):
[CC Starts] C.Forward, Yoga Firex4, C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]
08 – (Dhalsim vs Guy):
[CC Starts] DB+Strong, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blastx2, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs), Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]
09 – (Dhalsim vs Ryu):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Flamex5. [CC Ends]
10 – (Dhalsim vs Sagat):
[CC Starts] J.Jabx2, J.Fiercex2, C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]
11 – (Dhalsim vs Ryu):
[CC Starts] S.Jab, Yoga Blastx2, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs) Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]”(Anti Air CC)”
12 – (Dhalsim vs Akuma):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blast, B+Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx2, Yoga Firex3, S.Jab, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs), Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]
13 – (Dhalsim vs Ken):
[CC Starts] C.ForwardxxYoga FirexN. [CC Ends]
14 – (Dhalsim vs Rolento):
Crossup J.D+Roundhouse [CC Starts] C.Forward, Yoga Fire, C.Forward, Yoga Fire, C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx3. [CC Ends]
15 – (Dhalsim vs Adon):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx2, B+Roundhouse, Yoga Blast, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs), Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, B+Roundhouse, Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]
16 – (Dhalsim vs Charlie):
[CC Starts] J.Roundhousex2, J.D+Fierce, Yoga Blast, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs), Yoga Blastx2. [CC Ends]
17- (Dhalsim vs Dhalsim):
“Flaming Character Glitch Demonstration”
18 – (Dhalsim vs Rolento):
[CC Starts] LP Yoga Firex11, c.Jab (Whiffs).[CC Ends] J.D+Fierce, DB+JabxxYoga Fire.
19 – (Dhalsim vs Sagat):
[CC Starts] S.Roundhouse, Yoga Teleport, Yoga Firex3, Yoga Blast, C.Roundhouse (Whiffs) Yoga Blast. [CC Ends] “(Anti Air CC)”
20 – (Dhalsim vs Rolento):
Jumping D+Fierce Crossup vs Rolento [CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx2, Yoga Flame, Yoga Firex4, Yoga Blast. [CC Ends]
21 – (Dhalsim vs Birdie):
LP Yoga Fire, Birdie Jumps, Dhalsim Make his S.Roundhouse, YF Hits Backwards[CC Starts] C.Jab, S.Fierce, Yoga Teleport.[CC Ends]
22 – (Dhalsim vs Rolento):
Meaty LP Yoga Fire, J.D+Short [CC Starts] S.Fierce, Yoga Firex7, C.Roundhouse, Yoga Blastx2. [CC Ends]
23 – (Dhalsim vs Sodom):
“Shiraiha Catch Glitch Demonstration”

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