SFA2 Combo Movie – Keiko VOL#03

Music Used:  Stratovarius – Stratofortress.
Release Date: 03/11/2011.
Description: SFA2 and SFZ2A Combo & Glitch.
This is a primary Tool Assisted Combo Video, no hacks, cheats or any game alterings devices were used for the making of this combos.

– Transcript:

01 – Gen vs. Dhalsim:
S.fierce, S.roundhouse Link 3 times, whiffed S.Fierce and canceled in the first frame with the CC Activation (airborne) [CC Start] J.Strong, C.Roundhouse xx Fierce Hyakurenkou xn, Roundhouse Gekirou xn.[CC Ends] (Done using Sim Yoga Slam Glitch).
02 – Birdie vs. Gen:
J.Down + Fierce (Counter with Gen’s Crane C.Fierce), [cc Starts] C.Roundhouse, Final x5.[CC Ends].
03 – Charlie vs. Charlie:
J.Fierce, C.Jabx2 (Link) S.Strong xx Jab Sonic Boom, C.Roundhouse xx LVL1 Crossfire Blitz, [CC Start] S.Jab, Sonic Boom x3, Short Somersault, Sonic Boom, Roundhouse Somersault[CC Ends], Meaty C.Strong (Link) S.Forward xx whiffed Sonic Boom. (Done using HKD Glitch).
04 – Gouki vs. Sagat:
J. Dive Kick kara canceled with CC Activation [CC Start] J.Roundhouse, S.Fierce xx LP Roll (repeat x3), S.Fierce x2 xx Fierce Shoryuken.[CC Ends] Juggle with Jab Shoryu x2. (Done using Air Kara CC Glitch).
05 – Chun-Li vs. Sodom:
Deep J.Roundhouse (1 hit), J.Step, J.Roundhouse (2 Hits) LVL3 Hazan Tensho Kyaku. (Tengu Walk Glitch).
06 – Sakura vs. Birdie:
J.Fierce, S.Jab, C.Jab, S.Jab, C.Jab (Link) S.Fierce xx Short Tatsumaki [CC Start] S.Jab xn xx Fierce Sho oh Ken. [CC Ends] (Z2A Only, done using HKD Glitch and Normal Speed).
07 – Dhalsim vs. M.Bison:
Bison Activates CC’s : LP Psycho Shot xx HP Devil Reverse, Sim jumps backwards [CC Start] J.Fierce, C.Roudnhouse xx HK Yoga Blast (Gets hit by Psycho Shot)[CC Ends] Reversal LVL1 Yoga Stream. (Z2A Only).
08 – Ryu vs. Akuma:
Flip Kick Kara canceled with CC [CC Start] J.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse, Flip Kick canceled with Air Short Tatsumaki x3, LP Shoryu x2, HP Shoryu.[CC Ends] (Done using Air Kara CC Glitch).
09 – Gen vs. Rose:
Rose activates Soul Illusion, Gen J.LVL1 Kouga (gets hit by Rose C.Short), (change to Sou-ryuu) S.Jab, C.Short xx LVL1. Zan’ei (Change to Crane) LVL.1 Jakouha.
10 – Ken vs. Dhalsim:
C.Fierce xx Air Roundhouse Tatsumaki, C.Jab, C.Short xx LVL3 Shoryuu Reppa. (Done using Sim Yoga Slam Glitch).
11 – Zangief vs Dhalsim:
C.Jab x13 canceled with Air CC activation [CC Start] J.Headbutt, S.Short xn xx Fierce SPD.[CC Ends] (Done using Sim Yoga Slam Glitch).
12 – Akuma vs. EX M.Bison:
Crossup Dive Kick (it need to counter with M.Bison S.Short to do so), C.Jab, S.Short xx LVL2 Shinkuu Go Hadou (Bison get delayed hits of the super because of his sprite) J.Roundhouse Tatsumaki, [CC Start] Jab Shoryuken, HP Red Hadouken, Demon Flip (Kick Ending).[CC Ends], Meaty S.Strong (Link) C.Forward xx Backward Teleport. (Z2A Only and Normal Speed).
13 – Adon vs Akuma:
S.Strong on Jumping Akuma xx LVL1 Jaguar Revolver, juggle with another LVL1 Jaguar Revolver [CC Start] S.Roundhouse, Jaguar Tooth, S.Roundhouse, Jaguar Tooth.[CC Ends] (Done using HKD Glitch).
14 – Old Chun-Li vs. Ken:
J.Fierce, C.Roundhouse xx LVL1 Kikoshou, J.CC Activation [CC Start]J.Fierce, wait, J.Step, Fierce, J.Step x4.[CC Ends] Meaty Taunt (Link) S.Short xx whiffed Kikouken. (Old Chun only).
15 – Guy vs. Dhalsim:
J.Roundhouse, S.Jab, C.Jab xx LVL2 Bushin Gourai Kyaku [CC Start]Kamaitachi, Fierce Bushin Izuna Otoshi, Roundhouse Bushin Senpuu Kyaku. [CC Ends] Meaty Strong (Link) C.Forward xx Hayagake: Kyuuteishi. (Done using HKD Glitch).
16 – Ryu vs Rolento:
Backward J.Roundhouse (counters Rolento C.Fierce), Backwards Meaty C.Fierce (Link) C.Jab x2 (Link) C.Strong (Link) C.Forward xx LVL3 Shinkuu Hadouken. (Done using Backward Glitch and Normal Speed).
17 – Ken vs. Sagat:
J.Fierce Kara canceled with Air CC [CC Start] J.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse xx LP Hadouken xn, S.Roundhouse xx HK Tatsumaki [CC Ends] S.Strong xx Fierce Shoryuken. (Done using Air Kara CC Glitch).
18 – Zangief vs. Ken:
J.Body Splash Kara canceled with Air CC [CC Start] J.Roundhouse, LP Vanishing Flat xn xx Fierce SPD.[CC Ends] (Done using Air Kara CC Glitch).
19 – Dan vs. Rolento:
Crossup Forward, C.Jab x3, S.Jab (Link) C.Roundhouse [CC Start] S.Short, Short Dankuukyaku, Jab Kouryuuken, Short Dankuukyaku, Jab Kouryuuken, Jab Gadouken, Roundhouse Dankuukyaku.[CC Ends]. (Done using HKD Glitch and Normal Speed).
20 – Guy vs. Guy:
J.Roundhouse, C.Jab (Link) S.Strong (Link) S.Fierce xx Hayagake: Kage Sukui [CC Start] S.Fierce xx LP Houzantou XN, Roundhouse Bushin Senpuu Kyaku.[CC Ends] (Done using HKD Glitch).
21 – Charlie vs. Dhalsim:
LVL.1 Somersault Justice Trades with Sim J.Fierce (1 Hit), LVL2 Somersault Justice. (Done using HKD Glitch).
22 – Gen vs. Zangief:
Gen Punch AC Gief Crossup Body Splash, Gief lands and performs S.Short and gets Hits backwards by Gen’s AC, S.Jab x2 Roundhouse Gekirou.
23 – Sakura vs. Ryu:
Ryu activates CC and performs a Jab Hadouken, Sakura jumps over him and perform C.Fierce xx LVL1 Shinkuu Hadouken near corner (gets hit by Ryu’s Hadouken) juggles with LVL2 Midare Zakura.
24 – Zangief vs. Adon:
Crossup Body Splash, DB+Roundhouse, J.CC Activation [CC Starts] J.Jab, J.Strong, J.Body Splash, Kick Lariat, LP Vanishing Flat xn, Punch Lariat.[CC Ends] (Done using HKD Glitch).
25 – Rolento vs. Rolento:
Kattobi/Air Kara CC Glitch demonstration.
26 – Dhalsim vs. Sagat:
Drill Zutsuki Kara canceled with air CC [CC Start] J.Fierce, C.DB+Roundhouse, HK Yoga Blast x4, C.Short xx HK Yoga Blast.[CC Ends] (Done using Air Kara CC Glitch).
27 – Akuma vs. Dhalsim:
S.Jab x12, S.Short xx LVL3 Tenma Gou Zankuu. (Done using Sim Yoga Slam Glitch).
28 – Gen vs. Dhalsim:
Crane C.Fierce hits backward on Sim’s S.Strong (counter damage), Change to Soo-Ryuu stance, S.Fierce link to S.Roundhouse link to S.Fierce (whiff canceled in the first frame) LVL2 Zan’ei, change to crane, LVL1. Jakouha.

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