Chun-Li Hitboxes

SFZ2 Chun-Li Hitbox Data:
Please excuse any errors within the Hitboxes pictures. This is a work in progress and it’s going to be updated as soon as possible.
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Chun-Li Hitboxes

Chun-Li チュン・リー

-Chun-Li Custom Combos.
Frame Data coming soon!

– Standing Normals:

– Crouching Normals:

– Special Normals:

– Neutral Jumping Normals:

– Jumping Normals:

– Kikouken:
– Chun Li’s hitbox arcs back during start up of Kikoken. This along with no hitbox on her hands and her low profile during the animation makes this move extremely hard to punish.
– Sagat’s Tiger Cannon super whiffs during Kikoken animantion.

– Hyakuretsu Kyaku:

Sen’en Shuu
– Chun’s overhead starts fully invincible, then low profiles (invincible to mids and highs), then gets mid hitbox lowing a low one, finally getting a complete vunerable hitbox on the 1st active frame

– Tensho Kyaku:

– Gomene!:

– Kikoshou:

– Senretsu Kyaku:

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