Street Fighter Zero Random Combos VOL #01

Music Used: Guilty Gear The Missing Link – A Fixed Idea.
Release Date: 23/08/2010.
Games Used: Street Fighter Alpha (USA), Street Fighter Zero (Jr2), Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Zero (CPS Changer).

– Transcript:

– Nash “Walk Canceling” Combos:
At the beginning and almost the end of the video, you can see Nash canceling his C.Jab animation with a little step forward and then continue the combo with another C.Jab to a random number of hits.
This is only possible versus Sodom & Birdie in the Console Ports exclusively.
I tried to make it work on the Arcade version but it seems impossible to perform, this combo in particular requires strict timing to be executed.

– Birdie “Bull Charge Cancel” Combo:
Only Possible in PSX/Saturn ports (Training Mode).
Birdie can cancel the animation of the Level 3 Bull Charge Super before the enemy enters the dizzy state just by pressing any directional button before the last hit: Left, Right, Down, and Up are accepted.
As far as I know, this combo can be done in SFZ CPS Changer too, (TZW Tape 7) but I didn’t find a way to make it work.

– Ryu Double Shinkuu Hadouken:
Only possible versus Vega in CPS Changer Rom, very Screen Position dependent.
This Combo can be done with almost no restrictions versus Sodom using the Tengu Walk Glitch.

– Rose Soul Illusion Juggles:
Works only versus Sodom using his Tengu Walking Glitch.
For every Hit we want to make on Sodom Sprite, he have to perform the Tengu Walk move (B,DB,D+Kick after Knockdown) over and over again for this to work correctly.

– Sodom Backwards Combos:
Sodom have to land and execute his S.Forward at the same time we do a Normal Move with our character, in this video you can see some examples with Ryu (C.Fierce), Ken (C.Fierce) and Rose (C.Fierce).

– Sagat Backwards Combos:
Sagat needs to be knocked down and perform his Recovery Roll (B,DB,D+Any Punch), when his sprite is exactly behind us we must press the desired normal move (Examples in this movie: Chun’s S.Strong, Birdie’s C.Strong, Sodom’s Jigoku Scrape) and Sagat has to perform his S.Short Kick.

– Ryu’s Double Jumping Strong:
In the movie, you can see Ryu performing 2 Jumping Strongs on Sodom before the Shinkuu Tatsumaki LVL.3 Super; there’s only one thing I have to say for this: Tengu Walking FTW.

– Nash “C.Forward” Buffers:
In the JR2 Update of SFZ, Nash can Cancel ALL his Normal Moves, this includes: C.Fierce, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse etc etc.
I’m planning to make a movie showing some examples of what Nash can do in this revision of the game very soon i hope.

– Zero Counter Juggles on Birdie:
Birdie can be Juggled before Alpha Counters, not all of the cast can do this, actually just a few characters, like Dan, Adon, Gouki, Sodom & Chun-Li.
Some of these combos require special scenarios like Birdie in the corner or in a Jumping State.

– Sagat Double Tiger Shot:
Versus Chun-Li Only, her Hitstun State seems to be very buggy…also Sagat can cross her up with Jumping Roundhouse for some more damaging combos.

– Sagat Stun Combo:
Sagat’s Jumping Strong does A LOT of Stun Damage in this game.

– Nash Sonic Boom xx Somersault Justice:
Only versus Vega and Auto Mode obviously.
This can be done against Shotos too in Normal Mode (Movie example is vs. Ken, JR2 Revision).

– Rose vs Gouki 100% Combo:
Gouki has less Stamina than the rest of the cast, and Rose can reflect Supers with her Aura Soul Spark LVL.3.
Well…I think that’s all, sorry if my English is not the best, if you have any questions/doubts feel free to ask me.
Maybe in the future I will finish Chapter 02…but as I said before, I would like to make a Nash JR2 Movie.

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