A2 Dhalsim Recovery Teleport Glitch.

Music Used: Shinobi – Shinobi Theme (Sega Master System).
Release Date: 05/03/2010.

As you can see, before Sim touches the ground, he’s juggled again with certain moves. Here’s the transcript of the combos seen in the video:
– Transcript:

01 – (M.Bison vs. Dhalsim):
Dhalsim must be just a few steps from the corner, M.Bison performs his Jumping Strong and crosses up Dhalsim in his Standing Roundhouse Animation (Both moves must be done at the same time), then: Crouching Forward [link] to Standing Roundhouse (1 Hit) xx HK Scissor Knee (Before Sim Hits the Ground, perform his Special Recovery Move), Level 3 Psycho Crusher for a 10 Hit Combo.
02 – (Dan vs. Dhalsim):
(Sim in Corner) Jumping Forward, Crouching Fierce xx HK Dankuu Kyaku (Sim’s Yoga Teleport Recovery) Level 3 Kouryuken SC for a 9 Hit Combo.
03 – (Sakura vs. Dhalsim):
Crossup Jumping Forward, Standing Strong [Link] C.Short, S.Short xx HP Sho Oh Ken (Before Sim Hits the Ground, Yoga Teleport Recovery) Level 3 Midare Sakura for a 14 Hit Combo.
04 – (Sagat vs. Dhalsim):
(Near Corner) Crossup Jumping Forward, C.Fierce [Link] S.Jab xx MK Tiger Knee (1 Hit), LP Tiger Uppercut (Before Sim Hits The Ground, Yoga Teleport), HP Tiger Uppercut for a 10 Hit Combo.

Brief Explanation of what’s going on:
In this second part of the Dhalsim Glitches, I will try to explain another very common glitch in some combo videos: the Dhalsim Recovery Teleport Glitch.
There’s not a lot of science behind it; it works pretty similarly to Sodom’s Tengu Walking Glitch seen in SFA1/SFA2, but this is a bit more strict with the timing.
Just like in the X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Game, his recovery Teleport Animation (B,DB,D+K when you’re knocked down in the air) is vulnerable in the very first frames, but contrary to XvSF, where his teleport is done automatically, in SFA2 you have to do the Recovery Teleport manually at the right moment before your next move comes out.
You can’t let the Yoga Teleport Animation come out, you’ll just barely have to hear the sound effect, and as I said before, this must be done right before performing your next move for this glitch to work and combo.
It’s very character specific, some characters need different spacing and timing to do these juggles on Sim, but it’s up to you to give it a try and to explore all kinds of possibilities.

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