Rolento Custom Combos

Music Used: Unknow Artist – Taken from Test Drive 5 Soundtrack.
Release Date: 21/10/2009

– Transcript:

All The Combos can be started whit a jumping Move.

Level 1 Custom Combos:

01 – (Rolento vs Rose)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Shortx3,High Jump,J.Strongx1. [CC Ends]
02 – (Rolento vs Adon)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,S.Roundhouse. [CC Ends]
03 – (Rolento vs Nash)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex3,Patriot Circle. [CC Ends]
04 – (Rolento vs Dictator)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Strongx2,High Jump,J.Strong. [CC Ends]

Level 3 Custom Combos:

05 – (Rolento vs Guy)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4. [CC Ends]
06 – (Rolento vs Guy)
[CC Starts] C.Forward,Patriot Circle,High Jump,J.Shortx4,High Jump,J.Short. [CC Ends]
07 – (Rolento vs Sakura)
[CC Starts] High Jump,J.Shortx4,High Jump,J.Shortx4,High Jump,J.Shortx4.High Jump,J.Short. [CC Ends]
08 – (Rolento vs Rose)
[CC Starts] Stingerx6. [CC Ends],S.Jabx2 xx Patriot Circle.
09 – (Rolento vs Zangief)
[CC Starts] C.Forward,Stingerx3,High Jump,J.Strongx2,S.Strong,Stinger.[CC Ends] S.Jabx2 xx Patriot Circle.
08 – (Rolento vs Ken)
[CC Starts] C.Forward,Patriot Circle, Stingerx2,High Jump,J.Down+Forward. [CC Ends]
09 – (Rolento vs Sagat)
J.Roundhouse,C.Roundhouse [Knockdown],Meaty Stinger [CC Starts] Stingerx7. [CC Ends] S.Jab,C.Forward xx High Jump,J.Jab.
10- (Rolento vs Sodom)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,High Jump,J.Strongx2,Stinger,Patriot Circle. [CC Ends]
11 – (Rolento vs Dictator)
[CC Starts] S.Jab,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,S.Jab,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,S.Jab,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4. [CC Ends] “(Anti Air CC)”
12 – (Rolento vs Gouki)
Kick ALPHA COUNTER [CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4. [CC Ends] “(AC+LVL.2 CC)”
13 – (Rolento vs Gen)
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse,High Jump,J.Roundhousex4,S.Rounhouse,High Jump,J.Pogox3,Stinger,Patriot Circle [CC Ends]
14 – (Rolento vs Birdie)
“Kattobi Cancel Glitch Demonstration”
15- (Rolento vs Zangief)
[CC Starts] High Jump,J.Strongx2,J.Jab,High Jump,J.Strongx2,J.Jab,High Jump,J.Jab,J.Strongx2,S.Jab. [CC Ends]

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