Documentation of many Glitches that are possible to perform in SFA2/SFZ2A, most of them used in my Combo Videos and a very important piece in the SFA2 advanced combo exploration.
The Glitches are arranged by “difficulty” order, the most basic and known first, and the most complex ones at the end.
Incomplete! please be patient and i will update this little guide with more info as soon as possible.

– SFA2 “Sodom’s Shiraiha Catch Glitch”:

This Glitch is old, and through this glitch we’re able to perform those “infinite combos” showcased in the end of many of my Custom Combo Videos.
To make this Glitch possible we must be playing vs. Sodom, and while our CC is active perform an Overhead move, Sodom must counter our Overhead attempt with his Shiraiha Catch move (DP+K), our character is going to be knocked down on the floor, but when we wake up we’re going to still being on CC Mode (our character automatically walk towards, can’t jump etc) despite of our CC being canceled and our P.Gauge being consumed to cero we’ll keep all the CC properties with but this time for undefined time. We can keep hitting on Sodom to death and even if we kill him, we can still hit him until we stop doing so. This glitch is deactivated if we receive damage.
Works on SFA2 Only, it’s was removed on Z2A.
Characters that can do this glitch: Ryu, Ken, Gouki, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Adon, Guy, Gen, Sakura, Birdie.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – Activate Custom Combo, and perform an Overhead Move:

02 – Sodom performs his Shiraiha Catch and counter or overhead attempt:

03 – Sodom knock our character down, and now the glitch is active:

04 – Sakura using the glitch:

– SFA2 Rose Soul Spark Damage Boost Glitch:

Another old and known bug, but for the record, i need to describe how it works here.
To boost our Soul Spark damage, it’s pretty easy, we only need to absorb around five or six fireballs with our Jab Soul Reflect, and it’s done.
The damage of our Soul Sparks will be increased a lot, each Soul Spark now deals around 20% Damage, and if it’s used during a CC it will keep the boost and we can Kill 2p with only 5 SP.
This Glitch was removed in SFZ2A upgrade.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – Damage Comparison:

02 – Rose absorbing fireballs and then Rose using the glitch in a CC:

– SFA2 Soul Illusion Glitch:

Another Glitch for Rose to improve her Damage in combos is her Powered SI Glitch.
This Glitch not only boost the damage of our moves (while we’re on SI), but also enables some kind of “free juggle state” and trough this we’re able to perform new juggle combos.
To perform this Glitch we have to activate our Custom Combo (any level), and perform two soul sparks (it doesn’t matters if they hit or not), then just wait until our cc gauge is over. Rebuild your Gauge and use Soul Illusion (any level), and from now the Glitch is active.
This Glitch was removed in SFZ2A.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – Activate CC, perform 2 soul sparks, wait and rebuild your gauge:

02 – Rose activates her SI, and now the Glitch is active for us to use it:

03 – Glitched Jumping “loops” examples:

04 – Using CC’s in the Juggles:

05 – Damage Comparison, Left (Normal), Right (Glitched):

– SFA2/SFA1 Tengu Walking Glitch:

A Glitch popularized by Zero Koubou back in the day. This bug plays an important role on SFZ1 Combo System and it work in the same way for SFA2, but there it have his limitations and it’s not that usefull like it was on the first Alpha Game.
Basically, when Sodom is knocked down in the air, he can perform his Special Recovery move called “Tengu Walk” (B,DB,D+K while knocked down in the air), the first animation frames of this moves are vulnerable for some reason and we can keep juggling him with certain Special and Super Moves, even some Normal Moves works too, of course obeying the Juggle Limit Rules an that’s something we have to keep in mind while we’re doing combos on him.
In SFA2 this glitch works, but there are few good examples of it.
In a nutshell, every time we perform a Combo that knocks Sodom in the air, if he perform his Tengu Walk, we can extend the combo and also doing Juggles that are impossible to do in the normal way using specifics moves for more hits and also if we keep toying with this glitch in SFA1 we can find some weird stuff going on there like Sodom’s Multiple “OTG’s”.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – SFA1 Ryu knocks Sodom in the air with his J.Strong, he uses TW, and get hit again:

02 – A2 Chun’s J.Roundhouse juggle with Hazan Tensho Kyaku using Tengu Walk Glitch:

– SFA2 Dhalsim Recovery Teleport Glitch:

Like the Tengu Walk Glitch seen before, there’s a very similar bug in Alpha 2 regarding Dhalsim and his Special Recovery Move, Yoga Teleport.
When Dhalsim is knocked out in the air, he can not only tech roll but also he can recover using his teleport (B,DB,D+K while knocked down in air), and just like Sodom’s TW, this Teleport is vulnerable in the very first frames of his animation and this can lead us to some unusual juggle combos with specific characters and moves.
We have to keep in mind that the timming regarding this glitch is very tight, we need to imput the Yoga Teleport almost 1~5 frames before our next move come out in order to juggle Sim again, we barely need to ear the Yoga Teleport sound comming out (the warp sound).
01 – Sakura juggles Sim with HP Shou Ken, sim uses his recovery TP and gets juggled again:

02 – M.Bison juggling Sim with LVL3 Psycho Crusher after a HK Scissor Knee:

– SFA2 Dhalsim Tech Roll Glitches:

Some supers/special in the game if they hit, makes the 2p character to automatically tech roll this move.
Is known that if Dhalsim makes this “Auto Tech Roll” near corner, can lead us to some strange combos and glitches, maybe the most common and seen example is Charlie’s LVL2 Crossfire Blitz OTG LVL1 Somersault Justice.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – Charlie’s LVL2 Crossfire Blitz and then wait to Sim for Auto Tech Roll:

02 – Charlie “OTG” LVL1 Somersault Justice:

This is the list of characters that produce auto tech roll in the game:
– Nash: Crossfire Blitz (Level 2)
– Guy: Bushin Gorai Kyaku (Level 2/3)
– Birdie: Bull Horn Max. (SFZ2A/Gold Only, this moves becomes a knockdown multi hit attack)
– Ryu: Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.
– Evil Ryu: Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

Another known bug whit Sim’s Recovery Roll is that, if he is Inhaled by the Custom Combo Activation during the auto tech roll, he will be completly freezed and invincible (not completly freezed player 2 can still move if he wants) to some of our moves Normals/Specials/Supers, exept from throws, Super Throws and some specials like Guy’s MK/HK Bushin Kyaku that stills hits him for some reason.
Another “detail” is that the Hit Counter, will stay glitched too until we hit Dhalsim again and it will come back to normal.
01- Guy’s LVL2 Bushin Gorai Kyaku and wait for sim to Auto Tech Roll in the corner:

02 – Inhaled by the CC and then he’s invincible, note the Hit Counter too:

In this example, we can see Birdie whiffing “The Birdie” Super Combo, and then grabbing him whit Level 1 Bull Revenger Super Combo:

Whit Evil Ryu, after performing the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku on the corner, you have two options:
Activate your Custom Combo to Inhale Sim or when he’s rolling on the ground, HP/MP Shoryuken/Messatsu Gou Shoryu.
Sadly, standard Ryu doesnt have a Multi Hit Super/Special Move who hits low like E.Ryu, you can only use you CC to Inhale Sim:

Also, there’s a variation of this glitch involving Multihits infinite combos in the corner using our character RFWA normals or also linking normal moves (with Ryu, c.strong links xn). This Glitch occurs very randomly and it’s very frame specific, we must hit Dhalsim when he’s on the very edge of the corner screen after he’s partially recovered from the Knockdown with a jumping normal. There’s no impact pushback, so we can hit him forever or until he gets dizzied.
This glitch by his own, it’s not very usefull for advanced combos, but if we mix it up with another Glitches (continue reading) this can be a goldmine and that’s why is good to know about it.

– SFA2 Dan “Kattobi/Kara” Taunts:

Dan has another forms of the well known by everyone Alpha 3 Kattobi Cancels, they’re not really KT, but works in similar ways and it have pretty much the same effect on the game.
This glitches makes Dan to get stucked Flying in the Stage whit his “Hyahoo” Taunt Animation until times runs out or you gets hit by the other player.
The Kattobi cancels in SFZ3 has an strict method of execution calculated in frames depending on the character specific animation move, this DOESN’T happens whit A2 Dan.
Screenshots step by step:
01- Dan activates his CC and perform his QCB+Start Taunt:

02 – Quickly press Start Again, and he will be Stucked in the Air doing his Air Taunt:

For some reason, Dan is consider to be “Airborne” in the Backwards Ground Roll Animation (and it have bufferable properties on CC’s), you can imput the Air Taunt in any part of the animation, there’s no specific frames for make this Glitch to work.
The only “Rule” is that you must not hit the enemy whit special moves when cc is activated.
A variation of this Glitch is known by the “Super Hyahoo” Kara:
This Glitch has another variation, the “Super Hyahoo“, the ultimate and definitive taunting method in SFZ2.
It works in a similar way, but whit sightly differences than the previus one.
We have to activate our Custom Combo pressing Up+LP+MP+MK at any Level, perform our QCB+Start taunt and then quickly press Up+Start, Up Forward + Start or Up Backward + Start and he will make a huge diagonal jump doing his Air Taunt:
Screenshots step by step:
01- Activate CC (U+LP+MP+MK), and then perform his backward roll taunt:

02- Then quickly press up+Start, and the Glitch will work:

There’s an advanced and really usefull variation of the Kara/Kattobi CC’s that will be explained later.

– SFA2 Fullscreen Custom Combo:

Evil Ryu was an exclusive character for the American Arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 (in the JAP version is not playable), due to some Capcom America Ghettoness, his Custom Combo activation can inhale the other character at Full Screen distance leading us to some unique combos.
Depending on the combo/set-up and distance between characters, if we use this Full Screen CC in the middle of a combo, sometimes it can be Blocked no mather if we inhale the 2p or not.
This Glitch was removed in SFZ2A version.
01 – SFA2 E.Ryu inhaling at Fullscreen, SFZ2A E.Ryu fixed CC Activation:

– SFA2 Anti Air CC Trick:

This “Glitch/Trick” works only with some specific characters on the game, and it’s kinda useless but interesting enough to know about it.
Here’s a brief description on how this work: We’re using Evil Ryu, and the 2p jump to us, we activate our CC (at Level 1) hit him with an Anti Air C.Fierce, then hold down to avoid our character to advance, then a split second the 2p is about to hit the floor, realease down and advance and hit him with a C.Forward (wich is registered as the second hit of the combo, and the CC ends), then quickly buffer it with our Fierce Shoryuken for a 5 Hits combo.
Weird right? there are some restrictions regarding this glitch that we also have to keep in mind: It works only with a Level 1 Custom Combo or maybe a few pixels more, and second you need to delay the advance of the CC after the C.Fierce until the 2p is about to hit the floor.
Another weird thing about this is that after our second CC hit of the combo (C.Forward in the example) the 2p instantly can block our next special attack/normal move that follow ups the C.Forward, let’s say for example instead of a Shoryuken we used a Hadouken, 2p will mannage to block it because he magically recovers from the Hitstun and will be able to block the Hadouken where in normal circumstances the Hadou should connect. 2P can block every attack after it except for certain Special moves with Juggling Properties, like E.Ryu HP Shoryuken.
It’s unknown why it only works with juggling moves, but thats the way it is.
Screenshots step by step:
01 – E.Ryu activates LVL1 CC and hits Ken with C.Fierce, and delays the advance:

02 – Wait a bit, release down, and hit him with C.Forward xx HP Shoryuken.

– SFA Juggling after Alpha Counters:

This is maybe the only SFA1 Exclusive “glitch” i’m going to transcript and explain here.
Well, this is not really a glitch but it’s something very particular with the engine of this game and it’s good to know about it.
As you may seen on my SFZ1 Random Combos VOL#01, Birdie can be juggled after some specifics character Alpha Counters.
In any Alpha game, you can’t hit a character who’s in the Alpha Counter Hitstun animation (spinning in the air) under normal gameplay situations, yes there are ways to break this rule but it requires glitches and that means that we’re altering the game engine. Birdie can be hit without using any kind of bug or special set-up.
This only works vs Birdie and no one else, reasons….nobody knows really why this happen, but that’s it, it just happens.
01 – Dan using his  AC, and then juggling Birdie with a LVL2 Kouryuu Rekka.

02 – Examples of Chun juggling Birdie with LVL2 Kikoushou and Sodom with his LVL2 Meido no Miyage.

Some characters like Adon may require some specific spacing and positioning on stage to make it work.
We can use Super Combos and Special Moves as well, any move with juggling properties should work. But there still being “limitations” regarding to the character who can use this bug, and they are: Akuma, Adon, Chun-Li, Dan and Sodom, the rest of the character are unconfirmed.

– SFA2 Keep Gen’s Counter Damage:

As some of you may know, when Gen gets hit while he’s performing his C.Fierce in Crane stance, he receives additional counter damage from our move.
The percentage of damage may vary sometimes depending on in wich frame we hit Gen during the animation of his C.Fierce.
There’s a way to keep the counter damage without even having Gen doing this move, and it’s a very usefull glitch to perform high damaging combos because we have a more confortable position and also we can set up a better combo scenario.
To perform this glitch we need to have 2p Gen in Crane stance (KKK) and perform his Crouching Fierce move, we need to be really close and then inhale him with our Custom Combo activation and wait until our CC Meter runs out, and that’s all, the glitch is now active, the next move we perform on Gen will have the Counter Damage properties, and this can be appplied to Normal moves, Special moves and Supers as well (it doesn’t stacks with throws or Command Throws).
Screenshots step by step:
01 – Gen Performs his C.Fierce and got inhaled by Sim CC.

02 – Wait until our CC meter runs out, and then our next move will keep counter damage properties:

W.I.P – To be continued!

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