Rose Hitboxes

SFZ2 Rose Hitbox Data:
Please excuse any errors within the Hitboxes pictures. This is a work in progress and it’s going to be updated as soon as possible.
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Rose Hitboxes

Rose ローズ

-Rose Custom Combos.
Frame Data coming soon!

– Standing Normals:

– Crouching Normals:

– Special Normals:

– Neutral Jumping Normals:

– Jumping Normals:

– Soul Spiral:

– Soul Spark:
– Rose’s Soul Spark pushes you away by making a addition green hitbox which travels a set distance based on strength button used.

– Soul Throw:

– Soul Reflect:

– Soul Illusion (Soul Spiral):

– Soul Illusion (S.Roundhouse):

– Aura Soul Spark LVL.1:

– Aura Soul Sparl LVL.2:

– Aura Soul Spark LVL.3:

– LVL.1 Aura Soul Throw:

– LVL.2 Aura Soul Throw:

– LVL.3 Aura Soul Throw:

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