Ryu Custom Combos

Music Used: Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version – Tears Are Forever.
Release Date: 28/02/2010.

– Transcript:

All Combos Can Be Started Whit A Jumping Normal.

Level 1 Custom Combos:

01 – (Ryu vs Sodom):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, Fierce Hadoukenx4, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
02 – (Ryu vs Dan):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumaki x2, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
03 – (Ryu vs Guy):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumaki, LP Shoryuken, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]

Level 3 Custom Combos:

04 – (Ryu vs Dhalsim):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumaki x6, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
05 – (Ryu vs Sakura):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LP Hadouken x5, LK Tatsumaki x4, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
06 – (Ryu vs Guy):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LP Shoryukenx3, HP Shoryukenx2. [CC Ends]
07 – (Ryu vs Adon):
[CC Starts] LP HadoukenxN. [CC Ends] C.Shortx3xxLK Tatsumaki.
08 – (Ryu vs Nash):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumakix4, HP Shoryukenx2. [CC Ends]
09 – (Ryu vs Gen):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumaki, LP Shoryukenx2, HP Shoryukenx2. [CC Ends]
10 – (Ryu vs Sakura):
[CC Starts] S.Strong, LK Tatsumakix5, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends] “(Anti Air CC)”
11 – (Ryu vs M.Bison):
J.LK Tatsumaki [CC Starts] J.Strong, J.LK Tatsumakix4, LK Tatsumakix2, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
12 – (E.Ryu vs Rose):
Crossup J.Forward, S.Roundhouse [CC Starts]C.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumaki x5, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
13 – (Ryu vs Nash):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LP Shoryuken, Hadouken, LP Shoryuken, Hadouken, LP Shoryuken, Hadouken, LP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
14 – (E.Ryu vs Sakura):
[CC Starts] S.FiercexN, HP Shoryuken (1 Hit). [CC Ends] Strong Shoryuken, Jab Shoryuken.
15 – (Ryu vs Sagat):
[CC Starts] J.Fiercex5, C.Roundhouse, Hadouken, LK Tatsumakix2, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
16 – (Ryu vs Rose):
[CC Starts] S.Roundhouse, LP HadoukenxN, C.Roundhouse, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
17 – (Ryu vs Guy):
[CC Starts] C.Forward, LP Hadoukenx5, ->+Forward, Air LK Tatsumakix2, LK Tatsumaki, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
18 – (Ryu vs Gouki):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumakix2, HP HadoukenxN, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
19 – (Ryu vs Rose):
[CC Starts] ->+Strong, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumakix3, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends] “(Overhead CC)”
20 – (Ryu vs Nash):
J.LK Tatsumaki [CC Starts] J.Strong, Air LK Tatsumakix3, HP Hadoukenx5, C.Fierce, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
21 – (Ryu vs Gouki):
[CC Starts] C.Forward, LP Hadoukenx5, ->+Forward, Air LK Tatsumaki, LP Shoryuken, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
22 – (Ryu vs Ken):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumakix3, LP Shoryuken, LP Hadoukenx2, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
23 – (Ryu vs Gen):
[CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LP Shoryuken, LK Tatsumaki, Hadouken, LK Tatsumaki, Hadouken, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
24 – (E.Ryu vs Sodom):
Crossup Forward, C.Strongx2 [CC Starts] S.Fierce, LP HadoukenxN, HK Tatsumaki. [CC Ends] LK Tatsumaki, HP Shoryuken.
25 – (Ryu vs Rolento):
Crossup Forward, C.Strong. [CC Starts] C.Roundhouse, LK Tatsumakix2, HP ShoryukenX3. [CC Ends] “(1 Frame CC)”
26 – (E.Ryu vs M.Bison):
[CC Starts] C.Forward, LP HadoukenxN, HP Shoryuken (1 Hit). [CC Ends] LP Shoryuken, LP Shoryuken.
27 – (Ryu vs Gouki):
[CC Starts] ->+Forward, Air LK TatsumakixN (Glitch), LK Tatsumakix2, LP Hadoukenx4, HP Shoryuken. [CC Ends]
28 – (Ryu vs Ken):
LP Hadouken (Ken Gets Hits in the Air by the Hadou), J.Strong (2Hits) [CC Starts] J.Strong, Air LK Tatsumakix4, LP Shoryuken, LP Hadoukenx3, HP Shoryuken.[CC Ends]
29 – (E.Ryu vs Rolento):
Crossup Forward, C.Strong, C.Jab, C.Strong [CC Starts] C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, HP Hadoukenx11. [CC Ends]
30 – (E.Ryu vs Rolento):
[CC Starts] LP Hadoukenx11, PPP Teleport .[CC Ends] C.Fierce (Hits Backwards), C.Jabx2xxLK Tatsumaki, HP Shoryuken.
31 – (E.Ryu vs M.Bison):
Crossup Forward, C.Strong, S.StrongxxLVL1 Shinkuu Hadouken. [CC Starts] C.Forward, LP Hadoukenx8, S.Jab (whiffs). [CC Ends] J.Forward, C.Strongx2xxLK Tatsumaki, HP Shoryuken.
32 – (Ryu vs Rolento):
Ryu’s Lvl1 shinkuu Hadou Animation is Interrupted By Rolento’s HP Delta Attack, and Both Jumps To The Corner, LVL1 Shinkuu Hadouken Hits Rolento and Ryus Hits Him Whit J.Forward. [CC Starts] LP Hadoukenx12. [CC Ends] S.JabxxShoryuken.
33 – (Ryu vs Sodom):
Shiraiha Catch Glitch Demonstration.

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